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In the Stick of Time

Would you change your future to save people in the past?


Time suddenly has new meaning when the past, present and future all collide in this intriguing short novel.

An innocent game of Poohsticks takes a dramatic turn when Alicia finds herself swept into an adventure that has her questioning what is real.

Time travel seemed only a fantasy saved for Hollywood movies, until Alicia and her son accidently stumble into a whole new era. Her once small, safe world suddenly implodes, and Alicia must make a significant decision that will change her life forever

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Stick of Time - time travel novel book cover

Reticent Road

Book 1 of a series.


In the dawn of a new technological age - who can anyone really trust?

When the deputy CEO of Eclectus, the biggest social media company in the world, goes missing not everyone seems keen to solve the mystery, until Detective Hope decides to enlist the help of Michael Gold. The case takes a sinister turn, and unlocks a tangled web of deception. 

Eclectus wields huge power thanks to the population's growing dependency of its expanding platform. But is this power being used for the greater good, or not? And who gets to decide?

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Reticent Road book cover

Unfollow the Leader

Book 2 of a series.


The sequel to Reticent Road.


Eclectus is the world's biggest social media giant, but with the world addicted, its true purpose is camouflaged.

Will the company's stronghold weaken? How deep does the corruption run?

Out 24 June 2024

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The Stocking Filler

A heart-warming tale for this holiday season....

The Stocking Filler chirstmas cover
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